December 26, 2011
Worst of 2011: Retrospective by no9

We asked no9, whose long-time association with chubby threads has made him the definitive expert on the subject, what he felt was the evolution of the chubby/big girl threads throughout 2011.

These threads really came into their own on this board. We’re approaching a year on /soc/, and come the middle of March there will be an essentially unbroken line of continuous threads for a year. That’s pretty remarkable in it’s own right, but moreso because of the obscene amount of pornography they’ve generated. The growth that they had over the course of the year, even with the regression in the fall and winter, has just been astounding. Come March 12th or so there will have been an unbroken link of threads for exactly one year. At their peak, you could make the case that they were comparable in posting volume to the smallest boards (4 to 6 threads a day at 500+ posts per thread isn’t something to casually discard) so that growth is the one thing I would comment on above all else. Obviously that brought a range of problems, but compared to other camwhore threads on the board we’ve faired reasonably well, especially considering that most other users hate us. We’re our own community, and that’s something that came about in the wake of that growth as well— we have our own memes, our own culture, our own identity. It’s hard to imagine what the next few months will be like (because again, the regression has been so brutal) but for chubby threads in 2011 it was about growth and self-determination.

Love them, hate them or ignore them, the idea that there’s been an unbroken link of threads lasting 365 days is pretty insane. That’s a hell of an accomplishment, you disgusting filthy monstrous chubby chasers.

  1. r-ant said: Terrifying, could you imagine if the crush threads were linked like that? They’d never last. Porn is quick and easy to produce, drama needs time to ferment.
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