December 26, 2011
Worst of 2011: Retrospective by Sleepless/Southampton

We asked Sleepless/Southampton, the English namefag fond of taking photos of herself as well as eating fish and chips, what her experience on /soc/ was this year, and how it personally affected her.

What you have to understand is that while I’ve been using this tripcode for two months or so I’ve been using other names in the past, just not posting pics (occupational hazard for a chick) I think /soc/ has become seriously entrenched as the shittiest board on 4chan because it’s defs a place to shuttle all the cancer from the other boards. Like Jesus whose birthday we just finished celebrating, /soc/ is the martyr of 4chan. We should probably get more respect. Bloody hell, I had a good time this year. There are the usual number of trolls and idiots and contactfagging twats but there are also some good company (you know who you are) Being a camwhore on /soc/ is a very different experience than on /b/ and I’ve got my fill of attention from both, but there’s definitely more betas on /soc/ so.. well in parting I just want to say that taking the internet too seriously is a pretty fucking dumbarse thing to do. Peace out, have a good Boxing Day.

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