December 27, 2011
Worst of 2011: Retrospective by schaka

Teutonic titan schaka, infamous for being a footfag crossdresser, commented on /soc/ and trying too hard, with special reference to the advances in namefag circlejerk technology:

Now that the summer’s been over for a while and the winterfags get to call the summerfags new, just to get called out for being a newfag in return, people needed to find a failproof method to show off their leader status on the biggest piece of shit on the internet. 

Circlejerks had long been invaded by new people who mercilessly participated without our beloved oldfags approval. A new status symbol was needed and thus non-quote-replies were born.

This is by far the most useless, yet genius invention this betacave has ever made. People just keep replying to eachother without quoting, calling out names or giving any sort of hint. The reader is supposed to guess who certains posts are adressing and a lot of confusion is caused in every thread. You are only able to follow conversations if you know certain people’s habits of only ever talking about one particular video game, because their sad excuse for a personality has nothing more to offer than just that.

In the end they start confusing themselves. It results in a post that tells “the other” to log on Skype, which then leads to a full circlejerk logging on Skype, covering up the whole screen with messages and crashing the posters’ PC.

The fact that there’s an arms race of faggotry between summerfags, winterfags, namefags and ultrahomo namefags deeply worries me. Back to you, /soc/!

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