December 29, 2011
Worst of 2011: Doxxing


Man-faced magnificent bastard Buu has been the butt of many jokes and the center of many controversies this year. Taking on an online persona of being an arrogant little cunt, something she accentuates tremendously with the perfectly angular, cunt-like arrogant features of her face, she was bound to make enemies sooner or later.

It’s just that these enemies have no idea that what hurts mortal men do not hurt the Dragonborn.

Since her nudes were leaked out on /soc/ (something Worst Board has been tasked with over and over again to investigate, but to be honest: we don’t give enough fucks to investigate) there’s been a concerted effort by disparate groups and individuals to repost them in threads she posts in. Given the ubiquity of Buu on /soc/ (seriously, does she ever do anything with her life other than lurk and post?) this has proven to be a challenge.

The half-hearted attempt to dox that followed was pitiful. Buu herself volunteered real world details as a come-at-me-bro challenge to her would-be stalkers, taking photos of packages that she’d received, with full address and her real name.


The usual threats to inform parents, family members, friends et al via the largely obscure whistleblower site Facebook have also gone ignored. The reasons? Buu has no parents, no family members, no friends. HER PARENTS ARE DEAAAAAAD. She took on her horned leather helmet a whole fifteen years ago after the brutal murder of her parents following a staging of The Mask of Zorro, swearing to have revenge. Shitty mirror nudes don’t even inspire a smirk in her all-arrogant face. You need to go deeper.

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