December 30, 2011
Worst of 2011: Retrospective by Couchgirl

Couchgirl, who’s also here on Tumblr, gives Worst Board an exclusive retrospective about life in the Autonomous Principality of Chubby. It’s all soppy and stuff, you should probably skip the significant other bits because everybody knows the only guys on 4chan are betas or cock-posters. Once you’re done, give her Tumblr a read because she has the exact sort of talent that I’m looking for for an illustrator for a book I’m doing. /hint

This year, I started my career as a chubby thread camwhore on /soc/. I am still unsure as to my motivations, it probably has a lot to do with my deep-seated daddy issues. It began as something titilating and almost thrilling. Then it became a social exercise; I talked to anons and fellow camwhores, I fed many trolls. Fun was had all around. I recieved all the attention one would expect to recieve doing such a thing, but it’s what I didn’t expect that really blew out me out of the water.

This year, on /soc/, I befriended people I would have otherwise never met. No. 9 From the chubby threads being one of the more notable ones. A bunch of the other girls I’m quite close with. 

But most signifigantly, this year on /soc/ I met my signifigant other. I know, I know, It’s like some kind of sick twisted 21st century drug store romance novel gone wrong. If you had asked me one year ago if I would put myself in the position I am today, I probably would have very obnoxiously scoffed at the idea. 

We’re moving in together in a few months, as soon as I have enough cash to haul ass across the country. Call me crazy, call me straight up stupid. Although I’m inclined to agree with you on both counts, but I am totally in love and what you say doesn’t matter. Nerny-nerny-boo-boo. Take that realists.

So that’s what I did this year on /soc/.

Couchgirl’s retrospective is the penultimate one in the series of retrospectives: the final 2011 Worst Board retrospective goes live tomorrow. (We still also have the Worst Invention and Worst Board awards to give out, too.) Read the previous retrospectives:

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